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Section 1. Brief Summary
St. Francis University was a medium-sized private University located in a major port city in the Visayas. It had a total enrollment of 26,000 at both graduate and undergraduate year levels. The College of Commerce was second major unit of the University with more than 3,000 students.

The College of Commerce enrollment was distributed among the four major fields: (1) Banking and Finance; (2) Accounting; (3) Marketing; (4) Business Management. The college had 55 full-time faculty and more than 100 lecturers.

In 1989, Mr. Santos was promoted as the Dean of the College of Commerce. Since the college experienced rapid growth in enrollment during the past ten years, Dean Santos wanted to combine curricular improvements and administrative changes that would improve the College’s efficiency and effectiveness. Section 2. Statement of the Problem

The problem occurred when the Departments heads were unanimously against the proposal. Considering the arguments made by the Department heads and the faculty of the College of Commerce, what decision must be recommended by the rector of the university to the St. Francis University Board of Trustees? Will Dean Santos’ proposal for reorganization be accepted or not? Section 3. Case Facts

1. It was one of the best private University in the city and primarily known for its engineering and science-degree courses. 2. The University had a total enrollment of about 26,000 for both graduate and undergraduate levels. 3. The College of Commerce had four major fields: (1) Banking and Finance; (2) Accounting; (3) Marketing; (4) Business Management 4. The college had 55 full-time faculty and more than 100 lecturers. 5. The College of Commerce department heads were usually senior faculty members who were considered academically and professionally well-prepared in the department. 6. Admission standards of the school were higher than the neighboring colleges offering commerce degrees....
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