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Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Adolescence, Alcoholism Pages: 12 (3827 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Table Of Contents
Page : Introduction And Purpose Of Research 1 , 2

Literature Review 3 – 5

Data Collection Sources 6

Presentation Of Findings 7 – 10

Interpretation Of Findings 11 , 12

Discussion 13 , 14

Conclusion/Limitations Of The Research/Recommendations 15

Bibliography 16

Appendix 17

Introduction And Purpose Of Research

Problem Statement
What are the social factors which influence teenagers to consume alcohol in Cedar Hill Village . Background To Problem
It is quite obvious that Trinidad is a society that appreciates and encourages the consumption of alcohol . During carnival time , the majority of songs that are composed and sung are mainly about alcohol . An example of this song is A Drinker , sung by Ravi B which placed first in the 2010 Chutney Soca Monarch . The events and parties that are planned in the nation’s night clubs, such as Space , will not be a success if the party organisers do not include the free drinks special. (Remy, 1985) , in a local report , reported that 91.9% of teenagers who attend secondary schools have used alcohol at some point in their lives . He also stated that other studies have proven that teenagers in Trinidad And Tobago appear to have higher rates of alcohol use compared to other Caribbean countries and America . Alcohol is by far the most used and abused drug among teenagers . Teenagers are in a period of physical , intellectual and emotional growth and drinking alcohol can have an adverse effect on their body . The dangers associated with teenage alcoholism are death, health problems, behavior disorders, and legal implications . Accidents like car crashes , drowning , burns, homicides and often unintentional injuries because of violent behavior have been seen to lead to deaths and suicides (Bailey J, 2000) . In the Caribbean , alcohol consumption and production has been an integral part of our culture since the period of slavery . The Amerindians and Africans consumed alcohol to relieve their pain of enslavement . The slaves also received rum and other forms of alcohol as an incentive to perform particularly difficult and unpleasant tasks for the Europeans .

This research seeks to identify and promote the awareness of the social factors which causes teenage alcoholism . It is of utmost importance that individuals are aware of these factors so that they will not become victims of alcoholism . I hope that the findings from this study would greatly assist educators , teachers and parents in taking the necessary steps to educate their children of the dangers of alcohol abuse and to prevent them from consuming the substance . Glossary

Machismo : a strong sense of masculine pride : an exaggerated masculinity . CARICOM : Caribbean Community and Common Market .

Literature Review
Alcoholism statistics show that people who start using alcohol before the age of fifteen are four times more likely to manifest serious alcohol side effects such as alcohol dependency at some time in their lives , compared to those who start drinking at the legal age of twenty one . The dangers associated with teenage alcoholism are death, health problems, behavior disorders, and legal implications (Bailey J, 2000) . Several social factors are thought to be correlated with teenage alcoholism . These include parents’ lifestyles and drinking...

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