Canadian Club Whisky Marketing Portfolio

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MKTG 111 Group Portfolio Assignment
Canadian Club Whisky
December 9, 2011

Table of Contents
Strategic Analysis4
Competitive Analysis8
Target Market Analysis9
Positioning Statement and Positioning Map10
Marketing Communications Analysis15
SWOT Analysis17

The popularity and worldwide success of Canadian Club can be attributed to more than just its great flavour. Review of key marketing components has given an all around understanding of the thought process involved in ensuring the success of this company. These components include, the analysis of the product, pricing, competition, target market, position within the market, distribution, marketing communications, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Overview

Overall, Canadian Club’s marketing operation is effective, drawing from its classic image. The product’s target market is primarily males, aged 25-35, living in urbanized regions, with an $80,000 to $100,000 salary. Canadian Club offers a smooth taste with the industry standard potency in comparison to its competitors. The product is priced slightly below average at $24.40 for 26 oz (LCBO, 2011). In Canada, it is mainly distributed through Crown corporations and is available at any licensed establishment, along with its competitors. Canadian Club has promoted itself as a classic beverage for mature, yet adventurous adults and has focused a great deal of attention on its unique history, in advertising and promotions. The marketing efforts of Canadian Club are unique to their competitors and have resulted in world records, including the world’s longest running international advertising campaign, and the world’s longest running promotion (Canadian Club, 2011) (Hide-A-Case, 2011). As a result of this, Canadian Club has seen an increase in sales and attention in the media. Strategic Analysis

The face of Canadian Club has changed drastically over the past number of decades. It has fallen from its position as premium liquor to a cheaper alternative. The distribution of Canadian Club does not differentiate from its competitors due to legal restrictions and is available anywhere that liquor is sold in Canada. What sets Canadian Club apart from its competitors, however, is the price. Canadian Club is of high quality, yet their prices are set low. This gives the impression that it is of poor quality, which is damaging to the brand.

Whiskies like Jack Daniels and Jameson have been successful with marketing their brands as the “cool” whiskies. Jack Daniels gained popularity after it became the drink of choice by the men of HBO’s Entourage, a show that depicts the glamourous lives of current celebrities. Canadian Club is beginning to see a comeback as a result of their sponsorship with motorsport events and illuminating their history as the whisky of choice in the 1920’s (Canadian Club, 2011). In addition to this, Canadian Club has also had the world’s longest running international advertising campaign (“The Adventure Series”) as well as the world’s longest running promotion (“Hide-A-Case”), which make their marketing efforts unique to their competitors (Canadian Club, 2011). Recommendations

Canadian Club is on the right track with their recent work, highlighting their history. With television shows like Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men (both of which have promoted Canadian Club), past era themes are at the height of their popularity. This promotion can spark a new interest in people seek a similar image of old-time class (Kent, A, 2011). In the “Damn Right, Your Dad Drank It” Campaign, Canadian Club has promoted the whisky as the preferred drink to the consumers’ fathers. This promotion was very successful in bringing Canadian Club back into the spotlight in advertising. On the whole, their approach to bringing “old-school” back, has proven to be very successful and should be continued (Damn...

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