Campus Love

Topics: University, Love, Psychology Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Say Yes to Campus Love
If you are a university president, will you ban campus love in your college? For me, I will not. Some people may be still sticking to the stereotype that campus love is a bitter fruit which may lead to pains and hurt. However, the reality is that college students are mature enough to start to learn love and, instead of simply forbidding it and resting easy, colleges should help them with it. First of all, college students need to learn to love and colleges should offer them the opportunity. The mission of a college is not only to equip the students with numerous knowledge and skills, but also to form them into sensible human beings with sound personalities. Since the ability to love and to be loved plays a core part in humanity, it is inescapable for colleges to take the responsibility to help and guide their students. After all, nobody wants to see that our young people abounding in vigor and vitality to be turned into the new species of mechanized savage. Therefore it is really necessary for colleges to let their students learn how to love by learning how to build and maintain a steady romantic relationship. Besides, college students are mature enough to start learning how to handle a romantic relationship and it will prepare them well for the future. According to Prof. Lu Zhaoxia, a famous psychology professor in Shanxi University, college students have already stepped into the middle stage of youth, which indicates that both biology and psychological situation of them are already mature for a romantic relationship.[1] So it is really no need for colleges to over-protect them. Secondly, when college students graduate and go to work, they will also get confronted with the problem of how to balance between work and love. Start to learn to handle it in colleges will prepare them well for the future life. Some people may argue that college love may result in tragic events on campus such as murders, suicides and violent acts....
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