Brandy Marketing

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The sale of a product vastly depends on the marketing strategy used to sell it. This is why choosing the perfect marketing plan to beat out competition is essential. Let alone choosing a strategy to sell a product as high in demand as alcohol. This is why brandy distributors have distinct marketing techniques. Brandy is known to be an older man’s drink. Brandy distributors have capitalized on this and have fashioned their commercials and ads to accommodate their market. Most brandy commercials and ads share the same three themes. They all display people, specifically men, in powerful positions by showing them in expensive clothing and riding in expensive cars. They also all have a very masculine twist to them. Lastly, each and every ad is very classy. In most cognac commercials, they show a man living a very luxurious lifestyle. In recent years, many brands have been trying to broaden their target market away from their original market, which typically consists of older men. There is one specific Hennessy ad that shows young men and women drinking brandy and partying all day and night. The tagline associated with this ad is “Flaunt Your Taste”. This ad stays very classy throughout, as it exhibits a fun and careless lifestyle.

Apart from its obvious use, brandy has other uses as well. Brandy was used for many medicinal purposes; in fact it was a major ingredient in the famous Daffy’s Elixir medicine. Thomas Daffy originally created this medicine as a cure for an upset stomach but was later used as a universal medicine. It was also commonly used for aiding the revival of people who fainted. It was thought to be a stimulant but later doctors realized it really just shocked their taste buds, which resulted in waking them up. Brandy can also be used in the kitchen. Brandy is most often used for flavoring a sauce for steak and other meats. It is also added to dessert toppings, mostly cakes and pies, to enhance the sweet flavor....

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