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According to a 2012 Restaurant Association of New Zealand survey, bartenders earn an average of $15 an hour, or $31,000 a year. website - use this calculator to convert pay and salary information Restaurant Association of New Zealand website - 2012 remuneration survey summary (PDF - 375KB) What you will do

Bartenders may do some or all of the following:

make and serve drinks
clean and tidy the bar area
take drink orders
check customers' identification for proof of legal drinking age handle cash, EFTPOS and other payments
collect and wash glasses
operate gaming machines
ensure that customers do not drink too much (host responsibility) help prepare and serve food.
Skills and knowledge
Bartenders need to have:

knowledge of beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks
drink preparation and drink service skills
knowledge of liquor licensing regulations.
Working conditions

may work full time or part time. They may do shift work, and are often required to work weekends and evenings work in pubs, hotels, restaurants and clubs
may have to deal with rowdy or drunk people, and work in hot or noisy conditions. What's the job really like?
Gaynor Mowat - Bartender
"Lights, camera, action"
As a bar supervisor at Wanaka’s Edgewater Resort, Gaynor Mowat says she never knows what will happen in her job from one hour to the next.

"That’s where the adrenaline rush comes from. When you walk through that door it’s a bit like being an actress – it’s lights, camera, action. You can have a local person come in who you have never met before or people from different cultures who may have struggled and saved to do this trip. I want people to go away from here thinking this is the most wonderful place they have visited."

Being part of people’s memories
Two visitors who had stayed at Edgewater five years ago, returned to Wanaka recently and bumped into Gaynor in the local supermarket. "They greeted me by name. I was so...
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