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Karen hale-Jackson Auto biography
Karen hale-Jackson was born in Trinidad in 1956. As a child growing up on the island of Trinidad she spent most of her spare time drawing, painting and dressing up paper dolls. She is a self taught artist but the only formal training she has ever had in the arts was in her secondary school at St. Joseph Convent POS and a year at Fanshaw College in Canada. In other words to say, she has a natural talent and heavenly gifted. In the 1990’s, after many years sabbatical because of her everyday lifestyle, Karen once again took on painting. In 1991 she moved to Barbados to work on a collection of one of the country’s top hotels, Treasure Beach Barbados. In 1992, she returned to Trinidad and worked with ceramics for a number of years before joining the corporate world. In 2000, when in her free time she started painting in water color and presented her art work for the first time in the “Women In Art” Exhibition July that same year. There was no holding her back after that and she has shown at many group exhibitions since then.   In September 2006 she decided to leave the corporate world and start painting full time as a career. This soon led to the establishment of her art café and gallery, Full Circle Art Centre, which officially opened in January 2007. But unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond her control she had to shut the café and gallery down at the end of 2007.  However, out of bad came good and Karen is now fulfilling her lifelong dream and that is to be a full time artist.  Full Circle is now a virtual art gallery displaying her work.  Karen’s’ first large exhibition was in 2002 when she had a joint show with her sisters, Susan Hale and Pat Yee Foon, at Horizon’s Art Gallery. Having a preference for showing with other artists she has had other joint exhibitions in November 2008 at In2Art where she shared the limelight with Omowale and Tessa Alexander.   She also showed with Heather Sabga...
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