Binge Drinking Essay

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Saudi Arabia, Drinking culture Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: October 28, 2010
What is Binge Drinking?
Binge Drinking is seen as drinking alcohol, just to get drunk, and without a specific purpose. It is also seen as drinking multiple shots per hour.

What Are the External Causes of Binge Drinking?
Some harsh external causes of binge drinking are:
* 21% of 11-15 year olds, drink alcohol
* 6.4 Billion is the overall cost lost to productivity every year * 5 is the legal age for consuming alcohol with parental consent What are Taxes?
It’s a V.A.T (or GVP in Peru) is to impose a charge (financially) on an individual. What is an Excise Duty?
This is a government tax on DEMERIT GOODS, meaning “bad” goods like: Petrol, Cigarettes, Alcohol and Gambling. Who pays most of the tax imposed on alcohol?
The Consumer pays most of the tax imposed on alcohol.
Would increased taxes on alcohol stop binge drinking?
No, since this is an inelastic product, if they raised the prices, the demand would still be high.

What could be other government solutions?
Other government solutions could be to make more laws such as to make drinking sale times, meaning to put a time limit on when to buy alcohol. Also, restricting age groups for drinks & Night clubs, so that younger groups cannot have access to alcohol. We think that these two solutions would be the best to stop binge drinking

Another example, which might work, but in a long time. Is Banning alcohol, at first it would probably work, then it would get pirated and sold illegally, but after that people would just not drink it since they are used to no alcohol. Some countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have done this, and it seems to work.
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