Big College Campuses Versus Little College Campuses

Topics: University, College, Gymnasium Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Smaller college campuses are more beneficial because students can build stronger relationships with instructors and peers, creating a successful environment. When attending a smaller college the benefits seem to be endless. Some may disagree with this because of their up bringing. Large college campuses are usually viewed as working better because of there athletic programs. If you are looking for huge tailgate parties and packed stadiums, a large college campus is the right choice for you. When choosing a college campus it all boils down to your personality and the dreams and ambitions you intend to make happen. When choosing a college campus the best choice for those who need a strong connection with their peers and teachers, the smaller campus is the better choice. With the allotment of choices available, honestly deciding between what size college campus is right for you can be quit hard. Students that seem to be go-getters tend to do better in a larger college environment. The peers seem to be not afraid to speak up and are more outgoing are more prone to larger campuses. The larger the campus the more exciting the environment is to the average peer. Depending on what major is considered, small campuses do not offer as many. Depending on the University the classes may fill up rather quickly, the best bet is to apply to those classes as soon as possible to prevent the class from being filled. Registering rather fast can determine rather you graduate in four years or six years. With smaller college campuses you are able to design your own major. Instead of being taught by teaching assistants, you are taught by the teachers at smaller colleges. “This is not necessarily a negative,” states Marsha Gardner, college counselor at The College Preparatory School (CA). Many times there are better teaching assistants then there are faculty members. When selecting a school this is something you must pay close attention to if you are looking for “big name”...
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