Beverages Consumed by Upv Dormitory Residents While Studying

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Beverages Consumed by UPV Dormitory Residents While Studying

A Study presented to:
Prof. April Anne Aquino
Division of Physical Sciences and Mathematics
University of the Philippines Visayas

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement in Statistics 197 (Market Research)

Mary Grace Tacardon
Joyalou Villaflor
Newton Kate Dahuya
Lizbelle Mariann Gonzaga
Rodney Reyes
Luduvico Gomez Jr.
Being a student in the University of the Philippines means a lot of stress, pressure and challenge. It is always expected that any student will experience sleepless nights due to endless exams, reports and papers. To cope with these hectic schedules, a lot of students are looking for ways to help them stay active and awake. One of the most common way students resort to is to drink beverages. Many beverages are helpful in making students stay awake and active during studying. Carbonated drinks, energy drinks, caffeinated drinks, alcoholic drinks, and water are the beverages most commonly consumed by students. With regards to these concerns, a study was conducted to determine the choice of beverage of students and to know the reasons why they drink the beverage of their choice. Though others might say that beverages such as carbonated, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks can be harmful to our human body, it can also be helpful to students especially when they were studying.

These beverages are very helpful to students, but we cannot deny the fact that if these are beneficial to the students, beverages such as carbonated, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks have harmful effects as well. It is obvious from the word itself that caffeinated drinks contains drug known as caffeine. It is also found in many different substances such as coffee. Some drinks have little amount of it and others may contain no caffeine at all. Consuming small amount of caffeine may be safe that it could help improve our body to have more energy and to stay focus and contrite well but a large consumption of caffeinated beverages leads to negative effects on the human body (Chloe, 2010). Besides consumption of caffeinated drinks really helps students to ward off sleep and increase alertness when the situation demands us to stay awake or need to have a little sleep.

Aside from caffeinated drinks, water can help drive away the feeling of sleepiness. Water is an easy home remedy to stay awake whole night when nothing else is available. Drinking ice-cold water is also beneficial because it is a form of distraction to falling asleep (Nicks, 2011). Moreover, frequent urination that follows with increased water intake can prevent from falling asleep (Nicks, 2011).

Some common reasons why people drink are to relax, celebrate and also to relax. Drinking alcoholic drinks is usually not part of the reason to drink in order to stay awake for it contains chemicals that depresses the nervous system (Nicks, 2011). Furthermore, consumption of alcoholic drinks may either be beneficial or harmful to body especially on the brain. Over consumption of alcoholic drinks leads to brain functioning such as loss of intellectual functioning combined with amnesia. In addition to that, alcohol-induced brain damage appears to be partially reversible with abstinence (Institute of Alcohol Studies, 16 July 2007).

The choice of beverage also varies with each student depending on what kind of beverages they think could help them in any way. The effect of these beverages to the academic life of each student is very important and has an influence on their choice.

The results of the study will be beneficial to the following: Students. Students will know what beverage can be beneficial with respect to their general weighted average. Manufacturers. Manufactures of the drinks will know if their products are beneficial to the students. Retailers in the dorm area. Product retailers will be able to choose what drink they can sell in the dorm area....
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