Benefit of Foreign Universities

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Benefit of Foreign Universities in India
The number of good colleges in India is few one can count up to 20. Every student wants to get into top 20. So if the foreign universities come to India . They can very well compete with the colleges which rank around 20 in a better way. Secondly almost every MBA college in India is having their education fee quite high as they are autonomous exceptions . FMS.

Moreover if foreign universities come to India. The cost of establishments for them would be quite LOW as compared to Indian universities because the value of their currency would be more.

thirdly they can give students in India better international exposure by student exchange programmed better guest faculty from India as well as foreign universities.

Everyone recognises that India has a serious higher education problem. Although India's higher education system, with more than 13 million students, is the world's third largest, it only educates around 12 per cent of the age group

Thus, it is a challenge of providing access to India's expanding population of young people and rapidly growing middle class. India also faces a serious quality problem — given that only a tiny proportion of the higher education sector can meet international standards. The justly famous Indian Institutes of Technology and the Institutes of Management, a few specialized schools such as the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research constitute a tiny elite Consider that India needs another 800 universities by 2020 to address the educational needs of 45 million students. This demand simply cannot be met by indigenous varsities alone. Foreign universities would provide a much-needed boost to educational standards in India. It's alarming that not a single Indian university features among the top 100 in global rankings. If India is to emerge as a knowledge and innovation hub, it must reform its higher education system. Students today have limited choices in terms of quality academic...
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