Belize Before and After Independence

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Belize has evolved since its official declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom in 1981.Before independence Belize–British Honduras–was a country that was part of an Empire; that was under the rule of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. However because of the British strategy of acquiring territories such as Belize, The United Kingdom would feed on Belize’s resources, and manipulate the country. This strategy left Belize crippled and underdeveloped. Prior to its Independence Belize had poor standards of living, poorly equipped schools, and below par social life. However infrastructural and technological changes have proved to be the catalyst that have improved how people live, learn at school, and their social lives. Standards of living in Belize have changed drastically over the years compared to the years before independence. The standards of living before independence were very low, almost poverty level if you may say so. People still relied on what was available to them in order to try to live a prosperous life. Because of the nature of British Honduras– Belize– at that time development in the country was little or very slow. Most people lived in very poorly constructed houses, with no heed to appearance or color .They were either made of bush sticks or board cabins, that offered no real protection from the weather and its elements. Modern furnished houses were few at that time; only necessities were most commonly found in houses such as a bed or sleeping mat and a seating room area. With a very basic kitchen most commonly found outside of the house fuelled by wood. Plumbing in those days was also very basic with mostly only cold water. Diet also differs from that of today. The years before independence food was mostly, food that was grown in backyard gardens by people; markets were unusual. Most common foods in those times were mostly beans, sweet potato, cassava, potatoes, yams, and poultry raised in back yards such as chickens and ducks....
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