Behavioural Issues in Management Accounting

Topics: University, College, Graduate school Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: October 12, 2012

Company/organization for this research is Graduate School of Business (GSB)


The main objective of this study is to identify the effectiveness in empowerment of financial activities to the school or responsibilities center within. This policy has been set up by the Vice Chancellor of in accordance to the pronouncement of the designation of the Accelerated Programme For Excellence (APEX) status in September 2008. APEX university programme is a fast track development program for the institution to achieve and to be recognized as a world class university. The APEX university programme also aims to serve as a catalyst to help other institutions achieve of higher education to the level of excellence. As one of the premier public universities, envisions to position itself as a global contributor towards knowledge creation and transformation of human quality. In order to carry out the agenda, requires the transformation of university’s policies, standard operating procedures (SOP), rules and regulations.

In tandem with the abovementioned background, The researcher will focus and emphasize the effectiveness of that particular decision towards the competencies of top management of the Graduate School of Business (GSB), in handling any behavioral issues related to the financial activities. As we know, a good and positive ethical behavior will do so much good to any institutions and can grow its operation to great heights. This is because doing what we should do will develop a discipline which will propel our work practices to a high level and set a high standard. It has been seen to promote teamwork among workers. This is because there is great respect placed in fundamental issues in institution. It also builds confidence which will translate to trust among workers. Trust is one invaluable trait that is able to pave way to progress and great success.

Why do we need to conduct this research? This is the...
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