be a drop out

Topics: University, Higher education, Audience Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Be a Dropout by Sean Nelson-Rhetorical Analysis

When Sean Nelson wrote this article, his focus is expressed clearly as he shares his beliefs of not attaining a college degree. He centralizes his message in the pros of dropping your college degree, and becoming independent as you learn to establish yourself in society, without dedicating yourself to a higher education. The audiences that this column is directed to are college-students in their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year. More specifically, students who share or are inclined to a similar meaning of succession. That of which being, that you live the way you want and become capable of feeling happy instead of sensing that your time and energy is not worth an academic challenge. In the article, the reader can see how his past connects with his present perspective. Sean Nelson was also a college student but dropped out twice because he understood that the college life was not for him. He then encountered new experiences that although were not always pleasant, he believes gave him new and important characteristics such as self- reliance and real world durability. Readers can see that because of his past, Sam Nelson was able to develop the basis and foundation of this article. There was a contribution of two rhetorical appeals in this excerpt that was used to capture the directed audience. The first was appealing to the readers’ emotions. Most commonly, the students in distress, anger, depression or frustration with their current academic stage. Perhaps even those who are in stage of confusion with what path they want to lead and what takes preeminence in their future. The second appeal is based on the trustworthiness of the speaker. Through the sharing of his past experience and the emotions he felt, the speaker tries to prove to the audience that the information he gives is reliable because he himself has gone through it. The manner, in which the article is written, comes off as informal as...
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