Bartender's Responsibilty

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Bar, Drinking culture Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Uzziel Stewart Jr
ENG 102
Ms. Wilkerson
A Bartender’s Responsibility
There are many advantages and privileges that come with being 21 years old. Not only does this signifies the fact that people are officially adults it also signifies one word, freedom. Freedom usually can be rewarding to people because everyone wants to earn it. However, freedom can sometimes be misunderstood. For instance, certain people may decide to go to night clubs as celebration of their 21st birthday, may go to clubs as a reward for hard work towards becoming a senior in college, or maybe even just go there for fraternity or sorority purposes. However, certain people tend to make the wrong decisions whenever they are inside night clubs, especially if they want to partake in alcoholic beverages. When partaking in alcoholic beverages, some people become fully intoxicated because they chose to drink too much. This leads to the issue of whether bartenders could possibly be held responsible for someone else’s behavior. Bartenders should not be responsible for the behavior of their patrons because the patrons should be responsible for their own actions. One of the reasons why bartenders should not be responsible for the behavior is the fact that their patrons are 21 years or older. As an adult, people should know their limitations for alcohol use and be mature enough to make decisions for themselves. Most adults tend to make their own decisions, but that does not mean every decision is a right one. For instance, some patrons are well aware of their limitations for alcohol use, but they still chose to drink as much as they want to. Different patrons have different reasons for why they chose to drink large amounts of alcohol. Some may choose to drink because they are stressed. Another reason people may choose to drink is because of peer pressure, and some may choose drink because they are addicted to alcohol. Even though some patrons have different attributes than other patrons in...
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