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Bacterial Growth at Missouri Valley’s Collins Science Center Introduction Bacteria is everywhere not only in our household but in our schools. As a group we chose four different areas of the school to swab with a sterile cotton swab. We wanted to test how clean the facilities were and how much bacteria there were. The four places we chose to swab were the fire alarm, a door handle in the hallway, a classroom’s door knob and the stair case hand rail. Our hypothesis was that the door knob would have the most bacteria and that the door handle would have the least.

Methods and Materials The materials we used for this lab were 4 petri dishes, 4 sterile cotton swabs, water, and hand sanitizer. Everyone in the group got a petri dish and a sterile cotton swab. We took the cotton swab and picked a place in the school to test for bacteria and these four places were fire alarm, door handle, door knob, and stair case railing. Once we got the swab of the chosen places, we spread it on the petri dish and labeled and then let the petri dish sit out for a week. We then came back to see how much the bacteria had grown. We counted how many colonies in each petri dish and described what each of them looked like from the term to evaluation to margin and the colors of the colonies and if the petri dishes had fungi.

Results did the experiment on the fire alarm and her results are as follows; she found 100 colonies, along with 60 fungi. There were 20 punctiform followed by 10 irregular and 30 filamentous. The elevation came out to be umbonate and flate. The form was small and circular. The margin was entire and the color was red. Stephaniie did the experiment on the hallway’s door handle. The results were that she found 12 fungi and 381 colonies. The forms were circular and filamentous. The elevation was umbonate and the margin resulted to be lobate and the color turned out to be brown. Jon Jason did the experiment on a classroom’s door knob and the results were that...
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