At&T Case Analysis

Topics: University, Academia, Jackson, Mississippi Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: June 18, 2013
DiAundrea Leonard
June 04, 2013
MNGT 458-01
Dr. Gwendolyn Catchings
Strengths and Weaknesses for JSU
Jackson State University is a prestige Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) that strives to educate a diverse student population in a broad range of baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral programs. For this assignment, I did an internal evaluation on Jackson State University’s strengths and weaknesses that I felt should be addressed in order for the institution to continuously advance and thrive and the top two for each are; Strengths: Community Service Involvement and Student to Teacher ratio in the classroom setting; Weaknesses: Class Time Selections per Semester and Shortage of Professors.

Firstly, in addressing the strengths of Jackson State University, the community service programs give students gives the students an opportunity to get involved as productive individuals partaking in community service projects such as Habitat for Humanity and the local shelters for the homeless. Also the student to teacher ratio provides the students with a small classroom setting where they can better engage in the class lectures and sense the freedom to fully express themselves.

Secondly, the weaknesses; certain classes are only offered specifically during designated semesters at specific times. This is a weakness because in some time conflicting schedules, students are forces to wait an entire academic year to select a required course offered only during that one semester and in some cases adding to the retention rate of the university. As mentioned earlier the second weakness is the shortage of professors. This is a weakness because with a shortage of professors some departments are forced to offer fewer classes for the majors in that area. In conclusion, the university as a whole has multiple areas of strengths and weaknesses. However, in order for the institution to continuously advance and thrive they must create better...
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