Article Summary Paper 1 –Vermeer’s Annunciation

Topics: Painting, Modernism, Drawing Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: October 24, 2013
Argument/Thesis –
Every painting paints its own story on the mind of the viewer!

Arthurs Argument and Evidence –

The author starts off describing this sudden urge and desire to view a painting he has seen so many times in reproduction – The Painting of the woman with necklace. The author spent 2 hours in the gallery observing minute details of this painting alone. He views it so close up that his nose was almost on the painting and the guard had to kind of waive him off and then he studied the painting from several different directions. He was paying attention to every minute detail such as clothing, colors, shades, folds, texture and elements of the painting ,and he was referring to some critics point of view and making a point to look at the painting with a fresh eye. The painting had him engrossed so much like no other painting ever before. The painting was like urging him and telling a total different story than critics’ views. The author then comes up with the term annunciation and then he starts placing a few works of art together to draw a conclusion to his work of art in describing this piece of work. Also to bring a point of pregnancy to support his story he describes the past of Vermeers’ as being a Catholic and the depiction of Virgin Mary, and his studies of the works of art in his era. Also him being a father of ten he could have clear pictures of women being pregnant and most of his works of women are always that of pregnancy. Also most of works of art of Mary are also private viewings (as in the meetings between the angel in conception and pregnancy) and this work of art discussed also shows a private setting as the author that the woman is focused on the mirror or whats in front of her and is like censored from her surroundings.

I agree with the author in that every painting does in fact creates its own image in our mind. It gives us the freedom to imagine and depict the authors view. We have in reality no access to the painters...
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