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Art As Investment

it’s not just for the filthy rich anymore
by Winston Donald

“I was fortunate in
1998 to obtain a
Gonzales work
which I called
“Three Faces” for
I was sold (at a
bargain) a Hopeton
Fletcher surrealist
piece for $5,000 in
Last May 2007, the
Mutual Gallery sold
the same pieces for
me for $84,000, I
made a whopping
394.12% profit ”


he last 15 years has seen a
tremendous growth and progression in income of the
Jamaican middle class.
Despite the economic doldrum over the island and fall off of traditional industries, individuals and families in the middle income strata have experienced more wealth than any other time in Jamaican history. The middle and

upper class has never had it so good. To
deny the financial benefits gained
would be tantamount to heresy. The liberalization of the economy, globalization, achievement of tertiary education and
generally exposure to the previously hidden economies have benefitted the Upper and Middle Class significantly.
Suddenly with their professional skills,
newly achieved business acumen, and

talents many have found their coffers
awash with cash, heavy cash in many
cases. Cash, liquidity, large disposable
incomes were able to acquire stately
homes in exclusive neighbourhoods, fine
and sophisticated furnishings, and horde
of Japanese, American and European
and motor vehicles. Wealth has also been
diverted to acquire government papers,
L.R.S.’s , Eurobonds, alternative invest-


ments and other securities, yet an excellent and non risky investment overlooked has been Jamaican Art. Yes, Art has been overlooked as an
excellent investment option The rate of
return on art investment has been so
overwhelming. In the industrialized
world , for example, investors in art profiteered immensely year after year. Even in a depression or a recession art has
always command very excellent returns
and sale prices. The...
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