Art Objects - Review

Topics: Modernism, Sculpture, Visual arts Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Art Objects – Review

“Art Objects” is a sort of meditation and at the same time a manifest telling us why we need art in our lives and moreover why art, although hard to understand for some, is preferable to the entertainment we are bombarded with everyday. At the same time the writer admits that art is not easy to understand or like but the effort is definitely worth it. The writer gives us her own example of how she started to understand and like paintings. When first seeing a painting that had a very strong effect on her she tried to hide and seek refuge in the safest place she could think of, a bookstore. When understanding that she needs to see more to fully understand she starts to visit galleries and look at pictures. She compares looking at paintings to being in a foreign city, where little by little things start to make sense. The writer also shares with us her opinion that “human beings can be taught to love what they do not love already and that the privileged moment exists for all of us, if we let it. Moving on the writer explains how, when looking at a picture, our minds are influenced by many unimportant details like the price, how famous the picture is, how well it fits in a certain style, who the author is etc. These are all things that make us miss the message behind the picture or ignore it’s real beauty. Another point the author tries to make is that of the criticism of present art. She says that there are too many people who deny modern art and that makes it hard for living artists to work honestly. On another note we are told that the true artists, whether it’s painters, writers, sculptors etc are not interested in the finished art object but rather in the entire process that gets the object done: “The true artist is interested in the art object as an art process, the thing in being, the being of the thing, the struggle, the excitement, the energy that have found expression in a particular way.” The following paragraph talks about liking...
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