Art Critique

Topics: Art, Visual arts, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Taylor Olivier
February 23, 2013
Irene Neuro
“Pareidolia” Body- Art Critique
I went to the art exhibit in the Gallery at Southeastern University on Thursday, February 21. I chose a work of art called “Pareidolia” Body to write my art critique about. This piece of art is called “Pareidolia” Body It was created by Maya Erdlyi, and is made from cut-paper collage and used for a Stop-motion film in 2012. This work is very unique because the artist used different paper materials to create a skeleton-like figure. The materials are placed beside, below, and on top of one another to create a three dimensional effect. This work of art is supposed to be an abstract human skeleton. The name of the piece plays an important role on the art work, because you have to know what it means. The word pareidolia means when a vague or random image is perceived as recognizable. So the meaning of the title is a random image that is perceived to be a human body. This work is very random with the placing of things. Some aspects are consistent such as feathers for both the arms and the legs. Also, there is some sort of tree branch object placed over the shoulder blades, kneecaps, and elbows. Other than that, the piece is very scattered with the way the artist places things. The placing of the objects is what really makes this piece interesting. The artist placed the paper objects on top of one another a number of times to create texture and make it three-dimensional. The body of the skeleton is made of basically anything you could imagine: Feathers, flowers, paper umbrellas, etc. The head was created with the tree branch object, and also there are feathers and another tree like piece, on top of the head to resemble hair. The artist uses two different objects for each hand. A paper leaf is used to create on hand. And the other is simply pieces of paper put together to form an actual hand with fingers. I’m not sure why they used two different hands, but it makes the piece...
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