Art and Culture Today

Topics: History of painting, Art, Abstract art Pages: 3 (312 words) Published: December 15, 2001
Michael Campbell

Art History 100

Prof. Socki


Art and Culture Today

This chapter is explained in the title. Staniszewski talks about the arts that

resulted after WWII. He starts off by explaining how the utopianism of the early century

disappeared after the war. Post war painting was known as Abstract Expressionism. This

type of art was claimed by the art historians to be "the triumph of american painting."

This type of art was known as something completely new and original. Staniszewski then

explains how this was the beginning of a recycling of previous styles which came to be

known as Contemporary Art. Staniszewski continues to talk about specific artists such as

Andy Warhol. Warhol is known to many people because he basically expressed himself

in every possible way. He designed graphics and advertisements, directed and produced

movies, created happening-spectacles, managed a rock and roll band, published a

magazine, acted in and modeled for commercials, and collected Art. (Staniszewski, 262)

As you can see he experimented with everything. It is a dream among many including

myself to be able to achieve many different cultural activities as he did. Warhol was the

creator of a posthumous corporation. Another artist Staniszewski discusses is Joseph

Beuys. He was an artist-producer who created what is to believed "social sculpture."

This would fall under performing arts. Almost everything he did was in the presence of

an audience. Staniszewski continues to discuss other artists of this period of time. This

chapter falls behind my opinion that Abstract Art is the ultimate art. In every one of my

papers I discuss how I believe that Abstract Art is the greatest art because it is the

ultimate expression. I was unaware of the impression it had when it was born. Yet it

indeed had an impression at its birth and a huge impression on me.
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