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College life is important in our life
By: Jerome I. Tamayo

College is one of the most important aspects of succeeding in today’s world. College is much more than just a degree - in college you also learn how to learn, perhaps one of the most important things you can get out of college. Once you understand how to gather information by reading books about a subject, determine what information is important and what is not, and how to put it all together, you can master any subject. The world is changing rapidly, More and more jobs require education beyond high school. College graduates have more jobs to choose from than those who don't pursue education beyond high school. That’s why degrees are important because you might need a more expand choice of jobs. Thus jobs are limited for people do not have a degree of college graduate, but the case is if you go to college you surely eventually get more job opportunities. A person who goes to college usually earns more than a person who doesn't. The more education you have your communication skills will definitely increase depending on the schools you go to. You also have the ability to understand people’s point of view because of their culture, or religion. I think everybody should give a shot at college because getting a better education only makes you better and even makes you have more confidence in getting a brighter future. “College is important in our life yet some students take it lightly as a result they have difficulties in finishing their subjects”. I absolutely agree in this thesis of mine, surveying all the students in college almost all the people say that college is really important in our life but yet why do some students take it lightly. Almost all the people I know don’t finish their course as it is in the flowcharts.

College is important but some students don’t think properly. As I have said that some students say college is important in our life but take it lightly as a result as failure, technically these students become failures because they have been linked to technologies these days examples computer games and playstation. These technologies make students waste their time instead of them prioritizing on their school life getting grades what parents expect them to get.

Some students results failure in graduating on time because they themselves want to spend most of their time in college and aren’t ready yet to be responsible to handle their selves alone. There is also a few more reason why they stay long in college they just don’t want to grow up, they want to stay as teenagers and don’t want to take their responsibilities of being a bachelor. I think the mentality of these students taking college lightly makes them think that it is easy well it is not easy But, discerning one's learning style can make studying a whole lot easier. Through my experience in frosh year experiencing subjects in college is way different from high school so how could it be easy for me it’s tough but at the same time you have to work for it in order for you to succeed.

Now here are three quotes that I took "College has been a total waste of your time and money!”. This quote is really totally wrong from what he said college is worth an effort and not a waste of your time and money. Imagine telling that to a student who just finished four years of hard, grueling, expensive work or even worse, a parent who paid for their child to finish that same grueling work. College can prepare a student for life in so many more ways than for a career. However, in the way that college is supposed to prepare soon to be productive students that statement could be right on. College gives me more control over my life and where I want it to go.

In my opinion the person who answered this has been really thinking in what he is answering and also based from the answer “a parent who paid for their child to finish that same grueling work” he...
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