Are Women Given Enough Freedom to Choose the Role Models That Best Suit Them? Are They Pressured Into Choosing Career-Driven Women as Role Models Rather Than Women Who Prefer to Focus on Family Life?

Topics: Technology, Wheel, Wife Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: April 5, 2013
In your opinion, are women given enough freedom to choose the role models that best suit them? Are they pressured into choosing career-driven women as role models rather than women who prefer to focus on family life?

Before several decades, women are weak, rely on men, obedient in society in country. Seems like everything women do that is for men. Women do not have freedom or choose to do what they want to do. However, as time change, people have high education, modern technology development and men become less responsibility. All of those factors change and influence the tradition society. After 1970’s, education became general and common, not only men go to school but also more and more women do. When woman receive higher education, they change and open their mind. Women are more independent, not just family or husband in their life. They found the job and work into society, they realize to found husband not only way in their life. As the wheel of time turn, with updating development of modern technology. People can easy get any information from all over the world. When people accept more new things and information, they change and open their concept and mind as well. So, not just women change their role, their parents and husband getting change ideas too. They think women can have right to choose what they want to do. More and more woman become strong, they are independent and do not rely on men or family. On the other hand, the men become less responsibility. Women know to get marriage not the only way in their life, even do not get marriage, they still can rich themself. So, some women do not choose into family with another man. The women do not get marriage, not strange in the society anymore. The long time ago, women have no freedom to choose what they want. When people receive education, modern technology and men less responsibility, they are getting change and open for their concept and mind. Women become more freedom to choose that they like to do....
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