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Different Expression in Modernism
For a long time, most architects and students have misunderstood the concept of "modernism". Many people believe that internationally import different ideas or concept, or something made of a complex structure is modernism. Base on the social condition in 20th century, “modernism” may be understood as innovation of the thing that already exist, to adapt to a new society, a new century, and a new life. True “modern” is consisted of continuously and constantly evolving. The principle of combination of functional massing spaces on a free plan was proposed in the early 20th century by two starchitects Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe became the cornerstone for modernism architecture in 20th century. Until today, it is still the foundation for the development of architecture throughout the world. However, these two architects found their distinction in expressing their own modernism. Villa Savoye and Barcelona Pavilion are the landmarks in the success of Corbusier and Mies, also the discrimination in architectural styles of the two. Villa Savoye of Corbusier encountered Barcelona Pavilion of Mies in the way their architect taking advantage of using steel and concrete columns as material and bearing structures. [1]

For that, the interior walls as well as the façade no longer became the bearing factors, so walls can be place freely on the plan, as well as windows can be mounted electively on the façade. Analyzing free plane, we can talk about the spatial structure in two elements: planes and volume mass; both have the same function in forming a space; However, planes cannot be isolated while volume, itself, is capable of containing a functional space. When using columns as bearing structure, these elements can be organized completely free on a plan [2]. That liberation has given Modern architecture fellows a change to express their designs by different geometry but also electively manipulating materials. Stairs, like other functional spaces or wall cabinets and kitchen cabinets are the "organs" of the house, they completely stand apart from the structural system and freely in space.

Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rode share the same architecture style in Modernism, yet the most contrast between these two starchitect is the way they express their modernist. Villa Savoye is abstract and stripped of decoration while Barcelona Pavilion is an example for the purest of modern architecture. [3] Le Corbusier describes architecture as a machine for living; he consider architecture as a combination of functional volume and mass. This idea can be seen to be reflected in the Villa Savoye. The architecture was designed for the wealthy Savoye family as a holiday house, the building represents the ideas of early modernism and the ’international style’ (known for the use of columns, ramps, strip windows, a flat roof and floating boxes). [4]

Villa Savoye is a solution for the severe household shortage in 20th as well as the best example to describe his five points of new architecture such as ribbon window, freestanding support columns, free façade, free plan, flat roof terrace. The concept includes the fact that housing is design as an object that landed freely on the landscape, significantly it can be placed anywhere in the world. The main support in the villa is using concrete columns to raise the building above the ground and support the structure. He believed that the building has to be raised 3-6 meters so the villa can be removed from the ground and introduced to light and air. [5]

Mies, in contrast, using walls to define spaces. As the same time Villa Savoye was built, he became famous for his Barcelona Pavilion, which representative of Germany in the international architecture exhibition in the city of Barcelona in 1928. Based on the concept od free plans, he introduced a completely new concept named “open plan”. Moreover, the...
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