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Topics: University, Doctorate, Faculty Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: September 29, 2012
I am writing to tell you the reasons why I was not academically successful during my time at University of Maryland. My grade point average fell below standard because I lost focus during my time at the university. I made other activities that were not academics my priority which resulted in poor attendance and eventually failed classes. I did not come to realize that my attendance was terribly affecting my grades until it was too late. When midterms came around I noticed my very poor grades and I tired to talk to my professors who all but two said it was too late to do anything about my grades due to me missing so many classes. I started focusing on the two classes that I could still pass hoping that my GPA would be high enough to return to college of your choice and start focusing only on academics and worki8ng my way up to the degree that brought me to college. Unfortunately, I found myself dismissed from the University and now I am just asking for one chance to prove that I can stay focus to earn my degree and be proud of myself and have my goals accomplished. During my time away from the university I worked a full time job making a low wage which is not satisfactory to me. I realized that without a college degree there is not any choices in the work field. If I am reinstated back into college of your choice I will attend classes daily, focus more on academics and use all resources in doing so. Thank you for reading my letter I hope to hear from you soon.
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