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Topics: Colonialism, United States, Protestant Reformation Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: October 2, 2013
AP US History Chapter 1 Homework
Definitions: On a separate sheet of paper, define the following words/phrases and discuss the significant of each
Prince Henry the Navigator Mercantilism
Hernando Cortes Roanoke
John CabotMestizos
Martin LutherEnclosure Movement
John CalvinMerchant Capitalists
PredestinationThe Plantation Model
Encomiendas Conquistadors
The English ReformationSeparatists

Questions: On a separate sheet of paper, answer the following question in paragraph form. 1. Describe the Indian societies (both north and south) and their geographic distribution before the coming of the European explorers. What did these cultures contribute to the Europeans, and why, despite these contributions, did the invaders still think of the Native Americans as savages? 2. Why was there little incentive for European nations to explore after the initial voyage to America by Norse sailors? What changes in Europe stimulated the desire to explore and look towards new lands? 3. Compare and contrast the Spanish and the English motives for colonization. How were both sets of motives reflected in the organization of the colonies that each nation established? 4. How did earlier exploration and colonization experiences influence the way England, Spain and other European nations attempted to colonize America? 5. Explain the relationship between Spanish colonists and the Indians. Why did the Indians come out the losers? 6. European colonization has often been said to have been motivated by “God, Gold and Glory.” Assess this interpretation of the motives behind the European colonization of America. 7. Describe in detail the two incentives the English had for exploration of the New World. Where did the English first attempt to colonize? Were they successful? Why or why not?
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