Ap English Abstract: Effects of Technology

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying by Loving the Smartphone (4)Sanchez 1 January 18, 2013
Alex Sanchez

Biography of Author : -Damon Darlin is the technology editor of the New York Times and is based in San Francisco. He joined the Times in 2005, writing the Saturday Your Money column and also covering PCs and other personal electronic devices. He is most interested in the consumer side of technology, particularly in supply, demand and pricing. Most recent articles: "Review Roundup: The Silicon Valley Reality Show"," For Nest Thermostat", "Gray Markets as Focus Group", and "What's Next for Tumblr and Instagram". Thesis:-The way technology has affected our lifestyle over the years has been both positive and negative. Technology makes life easier, and makes things more productive, but on the other end, it seems that in today's day in age it is difficult to live without technology even if there are negative effects.

Begin abstract: One of the biggest positive technological advances that makes life a little bit easier is the Smartphone. Smartphone's contain many positive features such as, GPS. The fact that Smartphone's are small and portable for us to carry around, it is difficult to get lost with the GPS feature. With Smartphone's, it is difficult to get bored, and time is never wasted. Applications can be obtained through the internet, that can be accessed through a Smartphone with a variety of applications that are games, organizers, or even to the simplest of things such as calendars or notepads. With an application such as the notepad, ideas are never wasted because of the fact that the notepad application is a virtual notepad that is convenient and easy to access. A lot of the great features the Smartphone has would not be possible without access to the internet. Having access to the internet, it is difficult to have a question that goes unanswered. The Smartphone proves that technology has a positive effect on our lives.

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