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This is the annual report of Diageo Plc. For the purpose of this report, several key issues will be examined, including the company mission, an analysis of the internal and external environment, an analysis of the strategic objectives and choices of the company, with focus on both short term and long term objectives. Furthermore, the generic and grand strategies of the company will be analyzed, along with the strategic control the company uses and the steps it takes for its continuous improvement.

Ivan Menezes, CEO Diageo North America, has stated that “"Diversity is a critical business imperative to grow our business. At Diageo we know we cannot succeed without the skills, talents, and capabilities of our people. Simply put, our people are the main ingredient for our success." (, 2013)

It is therefore clearly declared that the main mission of Diageo Plc is to achieve global success through commitment to diversity. This commitment to diversity refers not only to the company employees, whose uniqueness is celebrated through planned activities in the Diageo offices, but also to the consumers of the Diageo products. Another part of the corporate mission of Diageo is to help consumers celebrate life every day, everywhere, responsibly. (, 2013)

Diageo features a variety of brands, offering consumers a great number of choices when it comes to alcoholic beverages, from beer and vodka, to whiskey and the more niche targeted single malt. Alcoholic drinks are now becoming more available to the market. For example, the leading UK supermarket chain Tesco has increased its alcoholic drinks listings with new styles and brands (Nielsen, 2011). In the UK, the largest European single malt scotch market, Diageo’s Dalwhinnie is the undoubtable market leader with an exceptional increase of 70% in sales compared to 2010, followed by other brands, such as Glenmorngie and The Glenlivet. At the same time Diageo is also a market leader both in the European and US markets in Vodka. Diageo’s target market is both mature drinkers, who would prefer a single malt, as well as younger ones who cling to other drinks, such as vodka (Scherie, 2009). The internal quality of the company in terms of its various types of resources can be assessed through the use of a SWOT analysis. In order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Diageo Plc, as well as the opportunities the company may seize and the threats it needs to overcome, a SWOT analysis is presented.

High availability: Diageo’s distribution network is very strong since you can find it from special liquor shops to local supermarkets (Nielsen, 2011). High brand recognition: Diageo is becoming highly recognized as a great workplace for its employees, as it has been awards the “Great Place...

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