Analysis: Self in 1958 by Anne Sexton

Topics: Woman, Wife, Husband Pages: 4 (1384 words) Published: February 18, 2014

Self In 1958

As one begins to read “Self In 1958”, the first thing that comes to mind is the “picture-perfect” life and “perfect” woman of the 1950’s. The life of the woman was identical to a barbie doll, who had a faultless image and wore all American, fashionable clothing. The poem takes place in the year 1958 when a majority of Americans lived similar lives and faked their happiness for the outside world to fit in. But on the inside, the “perfect” life wasn’t so “perfect” for many. In the modernist poem, “Self In 1958”, Anne Sexton wrote the story of a woman who had to pretend to live the flawless life of an American housewife in the 1950’s. The woman felt trapped in the world she lived and did not like the idea of the conformist lifestyle she had to live. She felt as if she could not be herself. Through her work, Sexton introduced the style of modernism in her poetry by being among the first authors to write about the cultural trends and changes in a society in her writing. In “Self in 1958”, by Anne Sexton, the story of a housewife living the conformed life of being a perfect wife is told, which brings out the modernism characteristics of symbolism, dehumanization and the corruption of society through the texts and the truth behind the fake, superficial life many were living. The author of “Self In 1958”, Anne Sexton, was a woman who felt victimized by the expectations she had to live by in the world she lived in. Sexton began writing poetry as a way to relieve the pain she lived with. She suffered from depression, which led to her eventually committing suicide. On her birthday at the age of 46, Sexton took her own life. Today through her writings, people learn and read about how Sexton expressed her pain and feelings. Some may look at Sexton as a mentally unstable, insane woman, but it cannot be denied she was a poet who made lasting art.

As you begin reading, the modernism characteristic of symbolism is the first thing to jump out at you. The...
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