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Topics: Modernism, India, Cubism Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: October 14, 2014

Bikash Bhattacharya, an acclaimed Indian artist was renowned for his realistic paintings. He is known to have painted in almost all known media such as oil, watercolor, gouache, pastel etc. Moreover, he was recognized to have the skill to handle various mediums simultaneously. For instance, he had the ability to work on a painting that was made using pastels on paper along with another painting that was created using oil on a canvas. He achieved commercial success very early in his life owing to the popularity of his Doll Series in the 1960s, which was later followed by the Durga series. He was credited for bringing back realism into Indian art at a time when most artists in India were leaning towards distortion of figures and abstraction.

A couple of days ago, I decided to visit the renowned “National Gallery of Modern Art” museum, which is situated in New Delhi to look at works of art for the purpose of this essay. I happened to come across a simple but intriguing painting of artist

Bikash Bhattacharya during my visit. This painting was one of the few paintings that belonged to his acclaimed Doll Series. This painting was made using the medium of oil, a medium that drew maximum attention amongst his followers. As seen in the image above, he uses the realistic technique to bring out the most of his painting, which he does by playing around with light and shade. Bikash has been deeply influenced by the surrealists, which is clearly portrayed through his work. In the painting above, one can see the infusion of imaginary surrealist themes in his realistic set-up, which personally I find quite interesting. Based on this analysis, one can claim that despite Bikash being a realist by profession, his themes can be best described at surrealist owing to the frequent use of surreal themes visible in his work. Considering realism was his forte, he was gifted with the ability to depict the exact quality of light in his works. So much so, that as seen in...
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