An Important Event Changed My Life - Going to the University

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An important event changed my life - going to the university
Everyone knows how Cinderella changed her life after meeting the prince. I have my own Cinderella story. I was a little girl who was always in shame. I studied hard but always got bad scores. All my friends were my neighbors. I had never gone to a far place without keeping my family company. However, an amazing change happened in 1989. I did not meet the prince, but passed the universities' entrance examination. As lucky as Cinderella, I went to the top university of my country. My life was changed from that moment.

The first change was independence. I lived in a church dormitory which was near the campus; my parents could not cook and do laundry for me anymore. I had to deal with everything by myself even handle accidents. Once, I fell down from a scooter and hurt my neck and head. I knew I had to save myself at that moment. My parents knew that their little girl had grown up after that. Now, I study alone in a country far from my hometown I can live here as well as I do in my own place.

Getting confidence in myself has led me to more successes. I got my first award of the top five percent in my class in the second year. I was not as smart as a lot of geniuses on the campus, but I got great scores in my interesting subjects. I was active in student activities. We succeeded in holding a campus book exhibition. We survived a serious typhoon when we had a tour in the mountain area. When I became an elder student, I taught and took care of the younger students. An interesting major and abundant student activities built my confidence step by step.

The last change deeply affects my work, my research, and my life now. The university provided a good environment to open my view. My university is famous for freedom - freedom of speech, freedom of life, and freedom in academics. Most of the high school students try to enter my university, and lots of geniuses extend their broad thinking completely...
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