An Analysis of a Contingency Program on Designated Drivers at a College Bar

Topics: Ethanol, Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol Pages: 4 (1282 words) Published: November 28, 2011

This article is reviewing the dangers of drinking and driving. Drinking and driving is a leading cause of death in teens and young adults. Many of these people don’t think of having one drink and driving home at drinking and driving but one drink can cause you to be inebriated more than you realize. A designated driver (DD) is ‘a drinking-age adult who agrees not to drink any alcoholic beverages and to safely transport anyone else home.” Before any group or individual makes the choice to leave their home and drink, a decision needs to be made about whom their DD will be.

There is a social need to have DD’s for anybody that chooses to drink. Not only do those that drink and drive endanger themselves but they also endanger the lives of those that are in the car; as well as, any other individual on the road. When people are driving them home, they assume and automatically trust those on the street driving not to be doing so under the influence. It is not fair to endanger the lives of those who were following the laws. Each state has it’s own disciplinary action against those who do drink and drive under the influence of alcohol (DUI). Do these consequences help inhibit those that go out and drink from driving? Do the effects of a program designed to discourage people from drinking and driving have any positive outcomes and deter drinking and driving?

The study that was conducted at a bar close to a Florida university was conducted only with participants that were 21 years or older. Majority of those entering the bar were students from the local colleges. In the .5 mile radius of the bar, there were multiple accidents that were caused by DUI’s. This made this particular bar a great target to obtain date.

Anyone entering the bar was given a white wristband, participants included any bar patron who voluntarily submitted a breath sample and was driving...
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