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Topics: Serial killer, Crime, Employment Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Mohsin 1

Amber Mohsin

Mrs. Dougall

English 103

Fall 2012


Complete with serial killers, domestic violence, and an individual who can predict death, Daniel Orozco’s “Orientation” is a comical short story of what goes on when a new employee needs a tour of the office. This story is the opposite of how a normal office orientation should be. The narrator contradicts reality by telling the outrageous stories of each employee’s life. Throughout the story, Orozco, uses the wild gossip about the employees and their lives to contradict the professional setting of how a normal job interview should be while maintaining the same informal tone.

Paragraph 2: Description of some characters. How the narrator describes them. The narrator is the one who knows all the personal details about everyone’s life yet does not do anything about it. For example, when talking about how Kevin Howard is the serial killer, he says, “Kevin Howard does not let any of this interfere with his work. He is, in fact, our fastest typist” (509). Although the narrator, who is seen in an authoritative position, is aware of the crimes Kevin has committed, he does not act on them and turn him over to the police. This is one example of how the narrator crosses the line of professionalism in the office.

Paragraph 3: Any symbolism?

Paragraph 4:Author’s style of writing.

Paragraph 5: The author of this story, Orozco, really highlights the narrator in this story as unique and separate from the other characters. All the other characters in this story have something subtle in common except for the narrator. They all have a double life apart from their office lives that are crazy and insane. The narrator is the only one who knows all this information about them. In this story, he is an authoritative figure; he should demonstrate the utmost professionalism in the office, but he crosses that line by sharing all the workers’ personal information with the new employee who is...
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