Alluring Alcohol

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Driving under the influence, Alcohol law Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Alluring Alcohol

The Deadly Mistake More Women Are Making was an article featured in Cosmopolitan magazine's October 2011 edition. The typical readers of this magazine are college-aged females and older, and as school was just starting back, the timing of this article was more than a coincidence. Stephanie Booth, a popular blogger and MBA graduate presents her article in a stern, yet reflective manner. She uses statistics, polls and radical stories to keep the attention of the reader and to prove her point. Booth writes about the effects of excessive drinking and it's conniving power over females.

The front page of the article features a female with long blond hair, back turned to the photographer in an effortless manner with a cocktail in her hand. This picture is automatically eye-catching. The picture possess a jenesequa that is attractive to the reader. As a female myself, when I see this, I automatically envy the women in the picture; She is beautiful and the way she is holding herself automatically displays confidence. Booth is clever in using this tactic. She is aware of the reaction that her audience will have to this picture, being automatic intrigue.

Booth opens the literature section of the article, automatically pulling on the heartstrings of the reader. She tells the story of a women who seemed to have it all… a college degree a clean record and a job at a golf course in South Carolina. That was true,

Beushausen 2
until she allowed alcohol to ruin that for her. Caitlin made the decision to drink and drive after work, a breathalyzer revealed that the driver, Caitlin's, blood-alcohol level was .29 being four times that of the legal limit. That night she impacted not only her life by that decision, but she killed a four-year-old girl and severely hurt the father of this girl. This story that Booth opens with instantly grabs attention by creating an emotional reaction...
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