Allan Bloom

Topics: University, Allan Bloom, Academia Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Bloom argues that the social and political crisis of twentieth century America is really a crisis. Bloom blamed high technology, the sexual revolution, music, and the introduction of cultural diversity into the curriculum as the problem. He thinks this is led to the production of students without wisdom or values. According to Bloom, American democracy has led to the demise of morals. He stated that students these days are in general nice but are not moral or noble.” He attributes these feelings to moral relativism, instant gratification, and the poverty of the students’ education The American mind is closed because in advocating the value relativism, people are open to anything and everything, a move which enslaves us to the particular. He also belives that America is too open today and that there is a need for a reinvention of the universities. He believed that universities chose whatever was popular and easy to understand in society currently as the curriculum for the university. Bloom also referred to an openness to study historical and cultural texts and materials in their original form, and be open to develop one’s own thoughts from them rather than accepting them at first glance with the opinions of so-called experts in the field of their textbooks. He suggested that in order to re-invigorate college and university curriculum the universities must return to the use of original texts and materials. For example, one should study Dante’s Inferno rather than a synopsis of classical poem modern classic, The Closing of the American Mind, opens with an observation of a trend that was all-too-common in the 1980s, but which has only solidified by 2010—namely, that students “are unified only in their relativism and in their allegiance to equality” (25). Bloom's concern goes beyond the obvious logical problems in relativism to a deeper issue, which is that students no longer come to the university with any hope to learn about what that is true, noble, or...
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