Topics: Alcoholism, Brain, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Since old times, people have been using alcohol mainly as drinks for entertainment. Although alcohol is used a lot in medicines, people occasionally drink types of alcohol like beer and wine to release tension after daily labour or other ordeals. However, prolonged intake of alcoholic drinks can lead to a breakdown in health of the body, the brain system and the state of mind. Alcoholism will induce problems to the digestive system of the body where it causes euphoria. Drinking alcohol may depress appetite which in turn makes heavy drinkers eat poorly and become malnourished. Other than that, an individual will less likely eat enough food to obtain adequate nutrients if more calories are consumed in alcohol. The calories will replace the needed nutrients which will interfere with the body metabolism. Inadequate consumption of nutrients will damage the liver, digestive system, and nearly every bodily organ. In conclusion, alcohol is dangerous to the body and its various systems. Secondly, long-term drinking of alcohol can result in permanent brain damage in multiple ways. The nervous system of the brain will be disrupted and cause memory loss and anxiety. If an individual has been drinking for a long time, the person may be inflicted with confusion, loss of balance while walking, and deteriorating of vision. Another effect of drinking habit is alcoholic polyneuropathy. It is an infliction where degenerative changes in the nervous system affect the nerves responsible for sensation and mobility. To sum it up, alcoholism causes severe brain damage. Finally, alcoholism distorts the mental state of mind where the drinker’s consciousness will fade according to the inflicted effect and degree of drunkenness. It will ultimately force the person into a state of self-denial which will render him or her practically useless and almost without dignity. The effects render the reality of the drinker as an illusion, such that there are no boundaries to what he can do. When in a...
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