Topics: Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Alcohol is a drug, and when a person consumes alcohol, it has an effect on many body systems. The effects begin to occur as soon as the alcohol enters the blood stream. Certain types of alcohol enter the bloodstream more quickly than others. Also, whether or not a person has eaten and how much he or she has eaten can affect how quickly the body absorbs any alcohol that is consumed. Individuals become addicted to alcohol because of the chemical and physical reactions that excessive alcohol use causes. These reactions can cause a person to crave alcohol. Once alcohol enters the bloodstream, the breathing and heart rate of the individual consuming it immediately slows down. The individual will begin to feel drowsy and often starts to feel confused mentally. If a person drinks a large amount of alcohol, he or she will begin to feel intoxicated within five to 10 minutes. Those who consume small amounts of alcohol will not feel intoxicated so quickly; however, they will experience this effect if they drink continuously. As a person consumes more and more alcohol, he or she will experience mental confusion and drowsiness. The consumer will either fall asleep due to feelings of exhaustion, or the person will remain awake and begin to display behaviors that are very different from the behavior the individual normally displays. The person may also attempt to consume more alcohol due to intense cravings for it. As the alcohol begins to wear off, the person may feel shaky, irritable, and nauseous. He or she may begin to sweat and will often develop an intense headache. Individuals who consume large amounts of alcohol may eventually feel the urge to vomit even if they have not eaten. Alcohol not only affects the individual drinker but people around them and society as a whole. It has a big impact in workplace with absences, work accidents and lower performance which can lead to unemployment. This costs the employee, employer and social security system. Heavy drinkers take...
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