Alcohol & Marijuana at Suny Ub

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Wine, Ethanol Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Marijuana and Alcohol at UB

Drinking alcohol and smoking weed is as much a part of college as studies, possibly even more so. Most students arrive at college expecting to go to a lot of parties and have more fun. This expectation, of having a lot of fun that students have from college isn’t complete without alcohol consumption and marijuana usage and so almost all students’ drink and/or smoke. Of the two, drinking happens less often, only because there are fewer opportunities and occasions to do it. Both of the things have become a norm not only at UB but also at any other college. Its part of college life. In fact its such a big part of college that some students choose the college they wish to attend, not based on it teaching credentials or merit but on the schools party scene. Smoking, like drinking, is also a norm at college. It occurs way more often than drinking because to smoke marijuana you don’t need any special occasion or to be at an event such as tailgating, you can do it whenever you want. Drinking is very widespread at all UB campuses. Alcohol has become a part of student life. This is obvious as soon you arrive at UB. The first 2-3 weekends of fall semester you can find 20 different parties just walking down Winspear Ave. Walking down the street, you’ll run into countless students, mostly freshman, walking to and from parties, trying to find the best one. Their decision is heavily influenced by the availability of free alcohol at the party. As the night progresses the people get more and more drunk. Some had been drinking even before they set out to find a suitable party and at this point of the night they’re completely wasted. So why is it that students drink so much in college? The answer isn’t because they feel pressured to do so by their peers but because drinking has become a social norm for them. Students begin drinking alcohol in high school and sometimes even middle school. Since they begin at such a young age by the time they...
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