Alcohol Lecture

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol intoxication, Ethanol Pages: 3 (652 words) Published: February 19, 2015
Shanelle Gonzales
At the very informative lecture “Solo Cup Culture: Minimizing the Risks of an Alcohol-Soaked Campus Climate,” Jake Byczkowski, addressed the tribulations of drinking alcohol. While many college students are under the impression that drinking excessively is considered “cool”, Jake Byczkowski informs Cortland students that drinking is indeed one of the most harmful things one can do to their body.

Jake first addressed the crowd by asking the students at the lecture to shout out words that describe drinking. Many students said words such as “turning up”, “getting wasted”, “being hammered” and “blacking out”, all representing negative connotations. Jake went through very vivid detail on his experience as a college student. Similar to many other students, Jake was under the impression that in order to have fun, one must consume an extreme amount of alcohol and become so intoxicated that they are no longer under the control of their own bodies. Many people make horrible decisions while they are drunk. For example, they cry, get into fights, and even drunk text. All of the aforementioned actions are embarrassing for the person doing them and it is likely that one would not act like this sober. As Jake continued with his lecture he spoke about the point to which his friends had to confront him about his behavior when he was intoxicated, for he was unusually loud and obnoxious; none of his friends wanted to be around him when he was in that state. Similar to Jake, there are other students that become unlike themselves while they are drunk; although the majority of college students do not drink, it genuinely effects everyone.

A very significant part of the lecture was when Jake stated that the major components that drive alcohol culture are social support, the thrill or adventure and the train wreck. The first part, social support, reflects the idea that society is under the impression drinking brings people together. When a group of people are...
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