Alcohol consumption among international students

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Alcohol Consumption among International Students
Norms are not the same for every culture, the legal drinking age differs creating a gap between the number of adults and youth who consume alcohol. Also, in some countries people drink very often for different reasons such as celebrations, in order to gain confidence, and also to get rid of stress, or just because they like its flavor. Moreover, some religions don’t allow alcohol consumption, so most of the followers don’t consume alcohol. However, none of these boundaries completely stop people from drinking alcohol. Society nowadays uses it to socialize, as leisure and for special occasions in almost every country. The purpose of doing it is to provide Ilac students with knowledge about consequences of drinking, and provide professional help to those who suffer from alcoholism. METODOLOGY

This report outlines the results of a survey carried out to see how alcohol consumption among international students changes when they come to Canada, and similarly to understand how often they drink, if they are moderated when drinking, and their reasons for doing it. Similarly, the goal of the survey was to find the difference in habits and opinions of students from each country. In order to be able to do it, twenty students from ten different countries were surveyed including Venezuela, Russia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, and Canada. RESULTS

Most of the people who were surveyed have consumed alcohol including one student from Saudi Arabia, where Islam prohibits them from consuming alcohol. Only two people said they have never tried it, one of them is Saudi Arabian and the other is Vietnamese. Therefore, 90% of students drink alcohol, so it is very common not only in America, but in Asian and European countries, too. It was surprising that one Saudi Arabian drinks alcohol due to its strict rules against it. Punishment for drinking alcohol is a public lashing (BBC News). However, when they come to Canada, where alcohol is legal, they can take advantage of being here to try it for the first time and perhaps do it often if they like it. In the case of the Saudi Arabian student who said he has consumed it, he also said he likes it and he drinks once a week or less. In conclusion, alcohol consumption is so widespread that even people from places where alcohol is banned become consumers at some point in their life. In addition, 45% of people said they drink alcohol once a week or less in Canada just as in their countries, except for a Korean woman who said she drinks from three to five times a week in her hometown and she consumes enough to become heavily intoxicated 50% of the times she drinks. South Koreans are well known for drinking heavily. According to Time Magazine, South Koreans are the world’s biggest consumers of hard liquor, at 11.2 shots per week on average. They make Russians --the world’s second largest consumers-- seem like lightweights at a mere five shots a week. Isn’t it surprising? Furthermore, a large proportion of people replied that they rarely get drunk and one third said they never get drunk, indicating that international students are relatively efficient while controlling themselves when consuming alcohol. On the other hand, three students said they get drunk everytime they drink. Among them is a 19 year old Russian, a 19 year old Turk, and a 31 year old Venezuelan. Indeed, two of them are very young, which isn’t surprising, but it’s abnormal that someone who is more than thirty years old gets drunk every time he drinks because normally the older a person is the more experience he´ll have. Thus, they´ll have more control over their alcohol consumption. Furthermore, the majority of the surveyed students answered they drink alcohol “to have fun”, followed by “to celebrate something important” while only a Japanese woman chose “to feel confident” and a...

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