Alcohol Anonymous Paper

Topics: Alcohol abuse, Addiction, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Alcohol Anonymous Paper
Alcoholism is a very dangerous disorder that many people are suffering from. A lot of Americans don’t realize that alcoholism is a big deal, and they may not even know someone very close to them is an alcoholic. For the paper I chose to sit in on an alcohol anonymous meeting and this is what I observed.

I attended an open alcohol anonymous meeting. I walked in nervous and I wasn’t even there to share if I were an alcoholic. I introduced myself to the leader of the discussion and took a seat. I got there early so I didn’t miss anything. As I sat there waiting more and more people came in. When it was time to start the instructor introduced himself and then everyone went around to introduce themselves. There were approximately twelve people there. The instructor went on to say what the meeting was all about and not everyone has to share their story. Then he opened the floor to who ever wanted to speak. It took a couple seconds for someone to step up but when someone did they stood up and introduced himself and said his name and I’m an alcoholic, then everyone responded back saying hi. He shared his story and the process of all the steps in his life on why he believes he became an alcoholic. Once he was done there was a moment of silence and someone else stood and went through the whole name process. The person first reflected on what the first person said and went on to relate how he was an alcoholic to the first story, in a way he was reaching out towards him letting him know he’s pretty much been through the same thing, There went on to be a discussion about the two of them and people started giving advice and their opinions. This is how the meeting continued for the most of the time. The meeting ended with the instructor summing up the meeting and giving some of his words of advice.

All the stories that I heard where unbelievable with what some of these people have gone through. The sad part is that the things that...
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