Albert Fish "America's Boogeyman"

Topics: Crime, Serial killer, Sexual arousal Pages: 8 (3333 words) Published: May 1, 2010
Albert Fish "America's Boogeyman"
Over 100 years ago, a cannibal ogre in the guise of a kindly old man, lured children to destruction with the promise of a treat. Albert Fish, is the only individual who was diagnosed with every sexual perversion known to man, at that time. He was monster that likes to give pain, as much as he liked to receive it. Words cannot describe what would make a person turn out the way Hamilton "Albert " Fish did. The torture he inflicted on over 400 young children is sheer cruelty. Albert Fish had a passion for human flesh, longed to cause extreme pain to himself, and he gained pure gratification by inflicting pain on children. This deviant monster would become sexually aroused by young children that had no chance to escape. Albert Fish was an organized serial killer that got away with every sexual perversion known, until he wrote the sickest letter ever to his last victim. Serial killers are determined or labeled through many different ways, there is not a clear-cut way to describe what makes a serial killer act the way they do. A serial killer use to be determined by the number of killings, varying from two to ten victims, but apart from the obvious characteristics (sick minds, twisted desires, compulsion to kill repeatedly) it is hard to generalize about serial killers. There are so many expectations to every rule that talking about the typical traits of serial killer is surprisingly tricky. The FBI definition of a serial killer is the unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events. The crimes may occur over a period ranging from hours to years (there has to be a cooling-off or temporal aspect period) (Serial Killer Class Notes). Most serial killers spend time fantasizing about their next victim(s) causing them to go on the prowl for their next victim. When their desires get to strong to resist they will kill again, they will reach their climax when the victim dies and afterward, they experience a "cooling-off" period (but the desire to kill returns) and this is the "building up" period. In short, their unspeakable acts are a source of supreme pleasure to serial killers, who achieve the highest pitch of arousal even to the point of orgasm-by inflicting savage harm on other human beings (Serial Killer Class Notes). The mind of a serial killer can be studied to see if they have chemical imbalances that effect the frontal lobe of their brain, which may cause them to have behavioral problems, not allowing them to control their serotonin levels (chemical that are known as the peace maker). When the prefrontal cortex and frontal lube are dysfunctional, it can cause a person to be violent. Deep in the brain is where the Limbic system is located, this part of one's brain is where chemicals are released and sent to the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe of the brain is the central processor that coordinates the control of violence-if working correctly it will help a person stops the impulses to be violent. When there is damage (trauma, head injuries, tumor on the brain) then the chemicals that come from the Limbic system will cause aggressive impulses. Studies show may serial killers have a dysfunctional frontal lobe in return making them want to act on the impulses that cause them to kill (Films Media Group, 2005). There are many reasons why a person becomes a serial killer; however, there is no study that has been proven as to why a person turns out to be a serial killer. Some studies show the environment (where the person lives), genetics, neurological brain function, family background, or abuse) may be the making of a serial killer. The brain shapes the personality and behavior of a person, therefore, killers are a mixture of hardwire, environmental, learned, and choices (Films Media Group, 2005). Most serial killers are considered to have psychopathic ways or are psychotic, but more than often a serial killer falls under the psychopathic personality than...
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