Aesthetic Analysis

Topics: Art, Modernism, Visual arts Pages: 4 (1782 words) Published: May 21, 2008
Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy that asks questions about the nature of art and beauty. The Classical definition of art is the good, the true, the beautiful. Art equals something that is beautiful then it is true and leads the person experiencing it, to the good. While this may be the classical definition of art it is not quite accurate. To think that something is true and good just because it is beautiful is not right. There are three critiques of this definition which define art in a different light. Leo Tolstoy defines one as romantic art; “The essence of a work of art is the emotion it causes to an audience.” It makes everyone feel as one because they are all feeling the same emotion. Malcolm Bradbury defines modern art as a construction of reality, imitation of real world based on the nature of fiction. He states that art has something to teach. Frank Stella brings to the table the definition of post-modern art; “The aim of art is to create space.” Stella states that attractive and teachings of art are compromised since they are propagandistic and art should be neither. It should be an art space which is distinct from the real world, a refuge, a sanctuary, it creates space where objects can exist and the subjects of paintings can live. When you look at all of these different definitions of art it seems to be hard to choose only one to define art, because you can find truth in all the definitions. Art simply stated is a piece, a picture or a scene that can move you to emotion, can teach you what it is saying and what it is all about and it is something that is real.

The first genres of art we will be discussing is film. Susan Sontag basically writes in the “Century of Cinema” that the strongest experience of cinema was to surrender and be kidnapped by the movie. To be kidnapped you must be overwhelmed by the physical presence of the image. To be kidnapped you have to be in a theatre in the dark, among anonymous strangers not at home watching it on...
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