Addiction to Technology essay

Topics: Technology, Mobile phone, Internet Pages: 5 (1666 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Society today is saturated with technology such as computers, cell phones, and tablets. The pros and cons of such devices have been presented and debated continually. There is no doubt that technology has improved working and living conditions in many says. However, overreliance on technology has become an addiction for many. This addiction has caused electronic overload and an imbalance between life, work, and technology. Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Crazy Busy: Overbooked, Overstretched, and About to Snap! is not against technology. However he says that “... too much is really, really bad” (Hallowell). People are too dependent on technology which is negatively affecting the ability and willingness to think and create, causing a decline in personal socialization skills, hurting health, and dictating lifestyles. New advances in technology have made people’s lives and work easier, but the ability to work is lost if computers shut down. In April of last year the London Stock Exchange was closed for eight hours when a glitch shut down its systems. They lost millions of pounds (money) and all they could do was sit and observe. Should any piece of technology be so important that a business can’t function without it for eight hours? (Writer’s Life) This same scenario happens way too frequently in the banking industry. If the computer system is offline, it is impossible to withdraw money at an ATM or over the counter. Today even cash registers control the buying process. Barcode readers scan the goods, the purchase is totaled, and the register tells how much change is given (News24). One way technology has hindered our lifestyle is it has made people lazy because they don’t have to think or search for things anymore in places like a library or dictionary. Nowadays, whenever individuals want to know any information they look it up in a product like Google. Students have been at the top of the list concerning laziness. Now students can go to websites like which allows them to pay for an already written paper. Sites like this do not let students be challenged with academic studies. Teachers are having a harder time trying to explain lessons to their students because the students are messaging on cell phones and sites like Facebook during class. Many people even question whether Facebook friends are more interesting than those in real life (Pope). Pam Schumann, a tutor of students K-12 grade in Fort Wayne, thinks, “Technology has hurt students’ ability to think, write, and understand different academic subjects. For example, in math students reach for a calculator instead of trying to figure the problem out logically. Students also give up and get frustrated when asked to think things through” (Schumann). In addition to making people lazy and unwilling to think for themselves, technology has had a negative effect on people’s ability to memorize and retain information. It is no longer necessary to remember telephone numbers and addresses because some device can provide these. These technological devices are also at the root of this generation of young people’s need to constantly be entertained. They complain of being bored and have no idea how to use their imagination or creativity to entertain themselves (News24). Socialization has also seen a decrease due to the increase in technology. The Internet is the world’s first global community, but people are trading in the virtual community of the Internet for the real world. Many people are worried that people’s social skills are diminishing. People have been known to text each other when they are in the same room instead of speaking (Writer’s Life). Even in school, teachers and professors have replaced office hours or appointments with email or Blackboard discussion (Writer’s Life). People appear to be laid back, quiet people in person, but if you talk to them on the Internet, text message, or email they say and do things that they would not normally do...
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