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Cassandra Corona
Professor Higgins
English 20
O5 February 2014
Achievers (rough draft)
Albert Einstein quoted, “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”. Many students find this quote from Albert Einstein to be very mind powering in one way or another. Being a college student requires some concentration, motivation and sometimes causes frustration in all hopes of the final goal in college which leads to graduation day. However, students either succeed or fail at this goal depending on what kind of college student that they are, because each type of student contains different levels of motivation and determination. Three major categories of college students are under achievers, average achievers and over achievers, which reflects on a student’s first and last priorities.
The under achiever students have a different reputation of lacking the motivation and desire to obtain a college degree. There is very little responsibility in these students, they drop classes or often fail. Actually, these individuals are secondary students; they pay for their classes and their books but beyond that, there is very little commitment to success in them. For example, under achievers rarely make it to class and if they do, they sit in the back and do nothing or distract other students. If they turn in work it is either late or not done correctly. These kind of students rarely pass their courses, but if they do, it is with low grades and minimal knowledge gained. This can be linked to past failures, problems at home, maybe thinking friends are more important or even just not wanting to try. There is very little understating of why students choose to be an under achiever.

Unlike the under achiever, the average achievers try to obtain a college degree with the basic requirements. They work hard when they want to just to pass their classes. This category sums up the majority of students in college. A lot of students...
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