access to higher education

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Access to higher education

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(Should it be the responsibility of the government to ensure that all SES students have access to higher education?)

Obtaining an advanced degree is increasingly significant for many employees especially of them working for major corporations. However, the fact is that opportunities of accessing to higher education are unequal (Argy 2007). Students from low-income backgrounds lack of support to commence university. For this reason, it has become a focus of the whole society that how to improve low-SES school students to access to higher education. There are two opposing views aim at solving the problem of enrolling impoverished university students. The first view is a drift towards that it should be the responsibility of the government to increase subsidization to ensure all SES students accessing to higher education. In addition, it is necessary that government should continue not only improving indexation of university funding but also aid financially more projects (Australia government 2013). At the same time, a second recommendation is that supporting disadvantaged students needs the joint efforts of parents, universities and the whole society.

Indisputably, government should be responsible for all SES students’ education, in particular pay more attention to low-SES students. From this argument, the reasons of that mainly as follows: it can improve the healthy development of the economy, contributes to advance the efficiency of the labor market and foster students funding program of banks or companies.The funding of government is not only for encouraging low-SES students accessing to higher education but also for the society at large. The purpose of government is mainly due to the pragmatic...
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