Academic Integrity Policies

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Vidale Gant
Professor Judy Nichols
English Comp 101
9 Nov. 2012
Academic Integrity Policies: Oklahoma State University and
The University of Texas
Cheating has always foreshadowed failure and for top notch universities such as Oklahoma State University (OSU) and the University of Texas (UT) this has been a significant problem that these institutions have been strived to stop. Cheating has been generated as an easier way out and not only does this occur in schools it also has become a societal problem. It has been labeled as a “shortcut to success” and in order for OSU and UT to uphold justice, these schools have developed policies based on how they view academic integrity.

OSU and UT have been perceived amongst the top ranked colleges associated with the Big 12 Conference. Although winning numerous championships in sports, OSU and UT have also brought attention to world of academics. In 1839, UT established its school under the hands of the Congress of the Republic of Texas in Austin, Texas as Agricultural and Mechanical (A&M). OSU had similar ideas being built in the same institution. In 1890, oringinally known as Oklahoma A & M, OSU built its foundation in Stillwater, Oklahoma aquainted with the idea that the school would be able to brand future successful students. Not only have these schools been known for its acceleration of success in sports but its academic achievement as well. Both schools offer programs to enhance student integrity such as various amounts of campus based clubs or majors that fit student interests. Today 24,390 students are enrolled at OSU and comparing to UT, which holds roughly 52,261 students, the issues of cheating are just as important for each university. With thousands of students roaming the campuses, it would be hard to catch every act of academic dishonesty. In an attempt to uphold integrity on campus OSU and UT have created general polices to help limit the threat of academic dishonesty. Cheating has always been an important issue in school and in order to help resolve these problems OSU and UT have established honor codes and strict policies, but OSU policies have shown to be more appealing.

The complication with cheating, especially in college, is that many students don’t see it harmful enough not to engage in. As I have observed on OSU campus, it is conceived that students find the course work overly complicated or either simply do not have the time to study. Stating in Instructing Students in Academic Integrity, “Students who plagiarize tend to exhibit age-related behavior of or time management, difficulty in acclimating to the college experience, or poor understanding of the proper use of intellectual property” (Craig, Federici, Buehler 50). Students tend to get over-whelmed participating in school along with other activities and turn to cheating as an advantage. Although the consequences of cheating may mark very severe sanctions, surprisingly many violations are never reported. According to an Academic Integrity Breakdown, in the summer of 2011 through the Spring of 2012 “a total 191 violations were reported “(Droste). Considering that there are over thousands of students on campus, that number in remarkably small! Methods of cheating have advanced over time along with technology. With, instructors are able to track plagiarism. If a student were to partake in cheating, that student would be able to take it to the level of storing information in a phone or copy and pasting selections within a computer to collaborate with other work. Copyright and plagiarism mark strong standpoints in academic integrity. As a student, I have also witnessed countless accounts on the act of cheating in the classroom atmosphere. Cheating not only destroys the basis in gaining knowledge it also serves as a fault in earning a degree. Academic integrity is important because, “acts of academic dishonesty not only undermine the learning process and...

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