Abstract Emerging Technologies

Topics: Wireless, 2G, Technical support Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: February 1, 2013
MIS 750 October 25, 2012 Final Paper Abstract Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies and the use of Wireless technology in them is a growing demand and a reason for concerned for any IT department.Who ever pioneers this concept must be ready to evolve making fast and quick decisions both at lower and upper management.Allocating resources for equipment that will help meet the demand and also strategizing how the company will go forward.One thing that I have seen especially with the company that I work for which is a leading telecommunications company in the world is that there are still rules and procedures that were implemented during the end of the 2G era to the start of the 3G era.These were very successful during that time but currently they are absolute and they need to be replaced based on the current technology and current situations on the ground now. The importance of such procedures being investigated will help to focus the organisation on success and how to meet them.Since this is a competitive market how you move the company to respond to the growing market will help us maintain our market share and also grow our market share.Wireless technology is now a part of many households and am not referring to their cell phones.From Blue Ray players, TV's tablets ,cameras,refrigerators, rice cookers and the new cars are just a typical example of one household and all what they have and more that depends on wireless technology.How do we support all these devices making sure they have throughput and very little latency

The objective is to bring the support and implementation part of these technology by asking the correct questions.How can we effectively deploy these technologies and the same time support them and provide the best customer service for our customers.We have to take a lot things into consideration when talking about the implementations. At what rates is the deployment going to take how much data will be allocated to customers based on...
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