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Topics: Abstract expressionism, Abstract art, History of painting Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: September 18, 2013
Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable reality but seeks to achieve its affect using shapes, forms, colors, and texture. This type of art is used in many cultures. It is а language of thought and imagination which can take many different forms and can serve many different purposes depending upon their contexts. The rich and powerful Czars, kings, popes and rajahs, always had artists for their service, crafting fanciful works exclusively for their delight.

Abstract art is often intended to appeal and connect with human emotion. It can be understood as a way of communicating moral feelings, creating a kind of connection between the artist and the viewers who appreciate the work. Painting is one among these arts, through which, one can represent а balancing act between inspiration and perspiration. Like any abstract art, a painting is made with the intention of stimulating thoughts and emotions.

A painter like any artist has the freedom of creating things based on the limits of imagination. Unlike textual contents which mostly have restricted meaning, a painting can be interpreted be different people in different ways depending on the context in which it is viewed. It can be viewed as use of indirect mean to communicate one’s aesthetic feeling to others using one’s skill and imagination.

Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colors, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential. A further distinction tends to be made between abstract art which is geometric, such as the work of Mondrian, and abstract art that is more fluid (and where the apparent spontaneity often belies careful planning and execution), such as the abstract art of Kandinsky or Pollock.

Also generally classified with abstract art are figurative abstractions and paintings which represent things that aren't visual, such an...
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